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Is Camping Good for Your Health?

Most of the people head for camping trips as they become tired of the city life or they are ready to try some new adventure. Regardless of whether you enjoy hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities, camping provides an opportunity to focus upon your hobbies for some days without any external disturbances. In fact, the greatest advantage of camping is that it helps you to live a healthier, self-fulfilling life.

If you are a camping pro, you can enjoy a whole lot of health benefits from different factors including:

1. Improved Mood Patterns

Frequent campers often recount how happy they felt on the initial few days after they returned from their trip. This is not surprising; if you spend some time out basking in the sun, it helps to cut down the melatonin levels in the brain. Melatonin is a chemical that induces feelings of tiredness and depression, and so, through camping, you can uplift your moods

2. Fresh Air

When you are spending your time nearby a lot of trees, you tend to inhale more oxygen. The happiness which you feel when you take in your first breath of fresh air at the campsite is due to the release of the hormone serotonin, as a result of the extra oxygen flow. Further, there would be no strain in the body functions if there is a sufficient quantity of oxygen. As per various studies, if you spend plenty of time outdoors, it can improve blood pressure and also digestion, and offers an extra boost for the immune system.

3. Socialization

Though camping alone offers a lot of fun, if you have a family member or a friend who accompanies you on your camping trip, you can enjoy it even further which will help to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Socialization helps to prevent memory problems and prolong your lifespan according to various researches. Apart from all the health benefits, your life will be more fun with a couple of close relationships. Don’t forget to invite your close friends for your next camping trip!

4. Exercise

Here is an important benefit which camping offers: you spend plenty of time doing rigorous physical activities. Even if you are on your fishing trip, you burn so many calories than you would burn while sitting at your office, and further, if you bike or hike, you are engaged in a cardiovascular exercise which will help to maintain the health of your lungs and heart. Though your level of activity may vary, the bikers burn around 300-500 calories each hour and the hikers burn around 120-300 calories every hour

5. Reduced Stress

Camping empowers you to deal with stress effectively. Stress can have a negative impact on your health, and you give less strain to your physical as well as mental faculties by engaging yourself in some activities at the campground. The lower the stress, the higher the serotonin levels. Further, there is an emotional aspect here as well – you do not get angry or annoyed easily when you are doing something which you enjoy

6. Sound Sleep

Presuming that you have good camping gear, you tend to fall asleep quickly after a whole day filled with outdoor activities. Sleep has a greater impact on all bodily functions, and it helps to decrease inflammation, boosts the cardiovascular system, and enables you to be alert. Many regular campers report improved sleep cycles after they returned from their camping trip

7. New Experiences

There are no camping trips that offer the same experience. As per several studies, new challenges improve brain health. In fact, new activities which are intellectually and physically inspiring have a positive impact on brain health, which is absolutely fulfilled by camping activities.

Hope you find all the health benefits of camping mentioned above helpful. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for your next camping adventure!!!

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