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Some of the Outstanding Weekend Getaways near Indore by Road

Are you looking out to visit places near Indore by road? You have a lot of options out there which are ideal for nature lovers as well as adventurers. Road trips offer adventure and entertainment at the same time, and the getaways from Indore provide some of the best pocket-friendly picnic packages.  

With highway hotels serving tasty treats and with nature offering spell-bounding sights on the way, the trips near Indore are a great relief from the monotony of day-to-day affairs. There are several unexplored areas to visit near Indore which offer great excitement for those belonging to every age group, thereby serving as the best destinations for the entire family. Dappled with the views offered by splendid valleys, water bodies, and green forests, your trips will offer memories for a lifetime.

Set out on a wonderful journey to the picnic spots located near Indore and break away from the boredom of everyday life!!!

Here is an incredible list of the getaways near Indore:

1. Hanumantiya Trip

Hanumantiya Trip

Hanumantiya is an ideal destination for water tourism and owing to its close proximity to the Indore region, it serves as a perfect getaway for people residing in the busy city. Moreover, a trip to the Hanumantiya Islands is remarkable with the exuberant view offered by the Indira Sagar Dam backwaters and its tranquil atmosphere. Further, it ensures you an invigorating break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life with the enchanting flora and fauna you come across on your road trip. There are also several water adventure sports awaiting you at the backwaters of Indira Sagar Dam to make your sojourn fun-filled and delightful. 

Trip Route: Indore- Simrol-Balwara-Sancwad-Mundi-Hanumantiya

Total Distance from the Indore Region: 169 Kms

2. Sailani Island Trip

Sailani Island Trip

The trip to Sailani Island offers a visual treat to the visitors with the unparalleled scenic   beauty enroute Indore. This place is ideal for those who are interested in adventurous bike trips. The Sailani Island visitors have more in store with the water-based activities it offers like paddle boating, cruising, and speed boating in the Indira Sagar Dam backwaters, coupled with the enchanting scenery surrounding the dam.

Trip Route: Indore-Ralamandal-Simrol-Balwara-Mortakk-Omkareshwar-Sailani Tapu

Total Distance from the Indore Region: 81.1 Kms

3. The Mandu Trip

The Mandu Trip

Mandu houses the biggest fort in India, the Mandu Fort. This age-old fort city contains the architectural remains of the bygone era, and gives you a clear picture about the enriching Afghan architecture. Mandu portraits romance by narrating the tale of Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati on the road trip to this 6th-century city.

Trip Route: Indore-Machal-Delmi-Nalchha-Mandu

Total Distance from the Indore Region: 91 Kms

4. The Maheshwar Trip

The Maheshwar Trip

Maheswar is a temple town situated on the banks of the River Narmada. This town provides an unforgettable spiritual experience for you with the devotional hymns and tunes filling up the place, while the serene waters offers you an element of tranquillity. The various ghats in Maheshwar enhances the charm of the place. Further, the trip to Maheshwar would be much more exciting for ardent shoppers, owing to its popularity for local fabric and handicrafts.

Trip Route: Indore-Umariya-Mhow-Janapav-Dhamnod-Maheshwar.

Total Distance from the Indore Region: 95.2 Kms

5. The Kalakund Trip

Situated on the magnificent Mhow ghats in the Indore region, you can be assured of an exciting bike trip with captivating views of plush greenery and torrential streams during the rainy season. Further, you can access the Kalakund Forest and the Gungara Falls on the way to Kalakund. Adventure enthusiasts can satiate their adrenalin rush with the night trekking facility in the Kalakund Forest, which offers you mesmerizing views of dense forests, water bodies, and valleys. Kalakund is also home to the famous Indian sweet, Kalakand. Kushalgarh Fort is another attraction to make your road trip memorable.

Trip Route: Indore-Umariya-Mhow-Patalpani-Kalakund

Total Distance from the Indore Region:
39 Kms

6. The Gulawat Trip

The Gulawat Trip

Situated near Indore, Gulawat is a great choice for a one-day tour for those living close by the busy city with its short distance from the central part of the city. It is quite famous for the Lotus Valley, which attracts numerous nature lovers to the spot. You can get a gist of the outmoded village life and breathe fresh air in the backdrop of nature, while you take a walk by the Gulawat Village.    

Trip Route: Indore-Nainod-Budhaniya-Hatod-Lotus Valley

Total Distance from the Indore Region: 21 Kms

7. Dhar

The former capital of Malwa Dynasty, Dhar is a perfect getaway with its rich cultural heritage and the historical architecture it offers. Here you can find the old remnants of the Dhar Fort and several barren hills which are suitable for trekking expeditions. Located nearby is an old mosque built in 1405, from the remains of a temple. The Bagh Cave situated in this vicinity offers a glance of the pictorial art and the grandeur of the ancient rock-cut designs.  

Total Distance from the Indore Region: 64 Kms

8. Omkareshwar


The unique ‘Om’ shape of this island makes it an exclusive weekend getaway from Indore. This place has great religious importance as one of the Jyotirlingas among the 12, in India. Pilgrims throng this place all through the year to seek the blessings of the Lord. The hanging bridge over River Narmada serves as an ideal path to the Omkar Mandhata temple, which is situated on the background of condescending hills to offer the viewers a visual delight.  

Total Distance from the Indore Region: 80 Kms

9. The Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is like a wildlife haven at their doorstep as far as the Indorians are concerned, and is home to innumerable elephants and deers, and have camel rides in between the opulent teak, chandan, and eucalyptus trees. You can have a trip to the ancient Holker Palace situated exactly in the middle of the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary.

Total Distance from the Indore Region: 15 Kms

10. Mahakaleshwar

mahakaleshwar temple

Situated in the historic city of Ujjain beside the banks of holy river Shipra, Mahakaleshwar is a self-originated (‘swayambhu’) jyotirlinga unlike the remaining ones. The temple has mixed architectural styles of Bhumija, Maratha, and Chalukya, and comprises of five levels, of which one is under the ground. The temple has an elevated spire or ‘shikhara’ which is rich with elaborate and stunning carvings. It is the one and only south-faced Jyotirlinga, whereas all others are east-faced. As south is believed to be associated with death, and as Lord Shiva faces the south direction, he is regarded as the Master of Death. People seek the blessings of Mahakaleshwar throughout the year for longevity and also to avert untimely death.

Total Distance from the Indore Region: 56.3 Kms is a great resource for all nature lovers who are searching for ideal getaways to spend their weekends. If you have any queries, drop a mail to

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