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Plan Your Road Trip with Super-comfy Roadiz Campervans

Yippee!!!! Finally you’ve made up your mind to go on a road trip during the next vacation. What is the next step? Yes you guessed it right! Planning!!! It is easier said than done. You may have lot of questions while you plan a road trip: Should you take a car or van for rent? Whose car should you take?  Where do you want to go? Which are the places suitable for camping? 

Though there are so many questions in your mind regarding the trip, you don’t have to worry as there are so many resources which would help to make your road trip fun-filled and remarkable. 

An important step while planning a trip is making sure that you use a campervan for your journey as you would be able to take any kind of road to anywhere you want to travel, at the same time feeling very comfortable while you are on your camping expedition.

Here are a few important tips you should take into account when you have set up your mind on a road trip:

Picking Up a Travel Plan - Roadiz

Picking Up a Travel Plan

As you have decided upon how you want to travel, the next step would be where you would like to go. Of course, you will have some destinations in your mind when you do your campervan bookings such as a national park, though you need to focus much more on the places you want to visit.

For this purpose, choose online mapping apps like Google Maps and mark the places which you think you want to go and start working on the destinations in order to have a basic idea about the driving hours and mileage. It is highly recommended to select a scenic route whenever possible. In fact, the journey is also equally important as the end point while going on a road trip. Regardless of the mapping app you use, it will advise you on taking the direct route, though it is not always the best route for a road trip. Applications such as Google Maps allow you to adjust the route to something more scenic by way of dragging blue line to another point. Make sure that you calculate the mileage and driving hours of these routes which would certainly take more time.

Checking the Weather

Consider the weather and topography of the land you choose to explore, as not everyone would be comfortable in mountainous terrains or deserts. Also, check the climatic conditions and altitude of the regions you wish to stop over before finalizing your route. Making spontaneous plans is just great (for example, wandering to unexplored regions); however, make sure you have some background information about your chosen destination before you make a move.

Gathering and Organizing Trip Info

Some people go out on road trips without proper planning and just wander about where they feel like. However, it is always better to prepare yourself for some great adventures with a little bit of planning and amassing information. Google Document serves as a useful tool to organize your road trips, as you can access it from any part of the world and on any kind of device you prefer. Moreover, you can easily download it on your mobile or computer for planning a customizable trip and share it with your friends if they are joining you on the trip so that they can add their ideas or edit the existing information. Here you can jot down notes, paste websites or images, and organize all the ideas you gather in a well-structured format. You can choose a calendar to mark the trip dates roughly on it. The final document could be laid out by breaking down the trip into a day by day format with anticipated destinations, campground details, hot spots, activities of interest in the region, and so on. You can either take screenshots of this document or carry a printed version with you – all gathered into one!

Using Internet Resources for Trip Planning

Are you wondering from which source would you obtain the information to fill up your Google Document? Here are a few resources to make your trip memorable.

This site is a repository of information on camping sites, routes, road trip preparations, packing, and the like

It is an excellent resource for those who are searching for tour operators, restaurants, etc. You can also get reviews of campsites, parks, etc., here though you need to take these details with a sceptical mind

There are hundreds and thousands of travel bloggers out there who recount their travelling experiences as blogs for a variety of topics such as tourist attractions, campgrounds, hiking, and many more. Many bloggers love to answer queries regarding their travelling details through e-mail. Hence, do not shy away from sending one

You can get lot of camping and road trip ideas from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Moreover, these sites allow you to save, categorize, and share posts, snapshots, images, etc.

Resources for Route Planning and Camping

Google Maps: It serves as a great tool which offers directions regarding routes, and it is very easy to mark and save your favorite places here This is a wonderful site for road trip planning, mapping your route, and adding things to watch while on the way Get customized travel plans ready using this site. Moreover, it offers information regarding local cuisines, offbeat places, etc. This site offers information regarding different camping sites located all over the country

Hope this blog was useful for you. Happy planning and adventuring!!!

Roadiz offers valuable information regarding road trips, and have about 10 campervans to take you to different locations and campsites, and make your trip enjoyable. If you have any queries, do reach us at

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