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How to Convert Your Campsite into an Eye-catching Glampsite

Imagine that you are lying on a bed, enjoying the beauty of the star-studded sky at night, surrounded by rich fabrics and soft pillows. It may feel like that you are in an affluent nature resort or at a five-star apartment. However, you can create this very ambiance at your campsite as well. Glamorous camping is also known as glamping, is about bringing the convenience of swanky facilities and lush interiors out-of-doors.

If you are looking for some helpful tips to convert your campsite into a glampsite, have a look at these tidbits given below:   

1. Create a Warm Radiance Using String Lights

If you want to render a cosy feeling for your campsite, hang some string lights to build up the ambiance. Though there are many models available in the market, white-colored Christmas lights are cheaper and easier to hang, and they are equally attractive like the expensive varieties. Further, they do not break easily like the bigger lights, which imply that they last longer

2. Decorate the Interiors with Comfy Bedding and Soft Pillows

For a great glamping experience, use a blow-up mattress with fluffy pillows and comfortable bedding. You can add on accessories like cute, decorative pillows to enhance the appearance of the tent

3. Use Woven Rugs to Accessorize the Campsite

Woven rugs add elegance and color to your encampment while preventing any dirt or dust from entering in. Keep them at the entrance of your tent to have a luxurious feel 

4. Place Attractive Bedside Tables

In order to make your tent attractive, keep two side tables on both sides of your mattress, and cover them with small tapestries or colorful scarves. Stuff these tables with your favorite magazines and books, and decorate the tables with flowers.

5. Make Use of Traditional Lanterns

Conventional lanterns are perfect add-ons for creating a glamping ambience. If candles are used inside these lanterns, they generate fabulous lighting. Hang them on low-lying tree branches and also use one as a showpiece on the picnic table. However, do not use candles on their own in a tent

6. Set Up a Picnic Table for Glamping

You can use a stunning table cloth to set up your picnic table and use beautiful dishware plus cloth napkins to make your camp meals feel special. A nature-themed showpiece could be built using mason jars filled with flowers

7. Get a Perfect Hammock Ready

A hammock is what makes a campground more appealing. Most of the portable hammocks are small in size and could be stuffed into a pouch easily. However, a glamping hammock needs to be oversized which makes it easy to include warm blankets and fleecy pillows for offering perfect comfort.

Are you eager to go for glamping? Pack your bags and get ready to go!!!

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